Your Patients, Your Needs, Always In Focus.

Women’s Imaging Associates is an independent telemammography practice offering breast imaging expertise in partnership with physicians providing women’s health services. We work with hospitals, radiology groups, outpatient facilities and OB/GYN groups.

Our singular focus on, and specialization in, breast imaging affords our clients (and their patients) a number of significant advantages from diagnostic accuracy to tailored service and support.

Just as importantly, we consider our work a calling. We believe all women deserve world-class care throughout all phases of the breast imaging process. Which is why we’ve built our company culture around dedicated professionals who genuinely enjoy collaborating with one another — and with the patients, technologists and physicians we serve.

Responsive, dependable, professional

Our goal at Women’s Imaging Associates is to give doctors genuine confidence in treating their patients and, in turn, assure patients that their doctors are providing the best possible care.

All of our radiologists are breast imaging experts who meet MQSA accreditation standards, and participate in robust quality control and peer review programs. Our expertise allows us to minimize unnecessary callbacks without sacrificing appropriate cancer detection while ensuring that the best study is performed at the appropriate time and tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

We work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us — from our secure messaging delivered unobtrusively (but directly) to the technologists, to our immediate availability for phone consults whenever you have a question or concern. Our radiologists and staff offer you detailed, step-by-step support in following your patients through the screening and diagnostic process.

Our reports are clear and concise, providing specific recommendations for patient follow-up and management. We offer normal turnaround times between 24 and 48 hours from receipt of all images and required information. In STAT cases, we can make reports available within 15 minutes.

Importantly, all of our radiologists work in our state of the art Breast Imaging Interpretation center which has secure, robust internet and HIPAA & FDA-compliant computer technology. Working together in a single office affords our radiologists the luxury of immediate direct collaboration and consultation on difficult cases.

When you call Women’s Imaging Associates, you’ll reach someone who understands your needs — and your imaging requirements — whether you’re with a hospital, a multi-specialty clinic, an outpatient imaging center or an OB/GYN group. We know everyone we serve personally, and we customize our service around each client’s unique work flow requirements.

The Right Information At Your Fingertips.

At no extra charge, Women’s Imaging Associates’ PACS system gives you automated BI-RADS and patient tracking as well as lay letter generation enabling you to eliminate time-consuming manual processes or expensive third-party software support.

Patients and insurance companies are looking for key metrics that indicate quality and value such as call back rates and cancer detection rates — information we can easily access and provide to our clients. When your practice is faced with those questions, you’ll have answers.

We provide a radiologist to serve in the ACR and FDA’s required role of Lead Interpreting Physician. This position provides quality oversight for the technologists, as well as for the overall mammography program.

We consult with practices considering additional services, such as breast tomosynthesis, advising them on equipment purchases and ancillary issues. We also work with physician practices launching their own breast imaging programs from the ground up enabling them to maintain more control and generate higher profits than possible when using third party, turn-key companies.